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Please state your name for the record:
What’s your hometown?
Dover, DE
Relationship Status?
URL (Website or Social)
What’s your favorite snack?
Beef Jerky
What was the last good movie you saw?
What’s your favorite album of all time?
Old 97s- Fight Songs
How long have you been Team Coco? What’s your earliest Conan memory?
Since 2003. Keeping the TV quiet so my Mom wouldn't know that I was still awake and downstairs because I wasn't supposed to be up so late...
Do you have a favorite Conan moment?
Tie: Any time Conan says "Keep cool my babies" and when he held Andy's head under the pool and yells "Where's my money?" I am constanly saying "I SPENT IT" *whimpering*
How do you spend a typical day?
Teaching High School Children about Psychology and History.
What’s the one thing you would never ever do; not for a million dollars or all the chocolate in the world?
I could not think of anything so I asked my husband. He said "Eat your cat." He is right. I would not do that.
What would you like to see more of from Team Coco?
A store?
Anything else important about you that the world should know?
I name all of my electronic devices after the Presidents in order. I'm up to Polk.

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